Flight Review: TG 601 – HKG – BKK

My original flight is the 7.05 pm bound for Bangkok, but as I have finished all that needs to be done in Hong Kong I arrive at the airport around 12pm in the hope that I can catch an earlier flight back home and I can! Thai Airways must have an undisclosed policy whereby if there is availability on a flight prior to your scheduled flight they will allow you on. At least that’s what I guess. And to sweeten the deal even more I am given an emergency exit seat, 53A – a window seat, on this Boeing 747-400 series aircraft.

Shortly after take-off my pre-ordered seafood meal arrives. To be honest I am surprised as my original flight is hours later yet they still managed to organize one in such a short amount of time. Impressive, although the meal itself isn’t quite what I feel like. The main consists of mini seafood burgers with pasta ‘rice’ (rigeletto or something sounding-similar) in a creamy mornay sauce and verges. Pretty good. But the entree and dessert is boring – tomato and cucumber slices and fruit! So I ask for the same from the main meal trolley and receive an entree seafood pasta salad and creme caramel dessert instead. It’s lunchtime so I compliment my meal with 2 glasses of red followed by a white. Well, they are very small glasses. And then a coffee.

I’m not interested in watching a movie from the AV selection on the slightly larger screen (see previous post); instead I opt for the first episode of the new X-Files. It’s pretty darn good.

For the rest of the flight I grab some sleep with my legs comfortably stretched out.
Way to go Thai Air! Getting better each flight.

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