Flight Review: WE301: BKK – YGN

This is my first time flying on Thai Smile Air, a subsidiary of Thai Airways.

I have read the website and the airline seems fresh and friendly.

I am sitting in 42H, an emergency exit row, on this Airbus A320-200 aircraft. The extra leg room is welcoming, as is the clean interior with dark maroon hues and stripped padded seats.
I note there is no AV screen and no ports for charging or headphones. Not a problem as this is a short flight, and a very empty one at that (I have the whole row to myself), and have brought along my iPad so I can finish watching Teenwolf (I’m finally halfway through season 5 and looking forward to graduating to a new TV series ASAP).

I have ordered a LFML (Low Fat Meal) / actually Low Cholesterol, as the results of a recent health check suggested I could lower my levels a tad. When it arrives I notice it seems essentially to be a carrot salad. Umm, no thanks. I ask the flight attendant if I can swap for a normal meal and she happily changes for me. It is delicious – a light chicken and Thai papaya salad and a delicious Thai jelly dessert.
The flight is quick, service excellent, and hassle-free, and….we actually land 20 mins early!
Rating: 8.5/10

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