Flight Review: HX675 – HKG – BKK

Take-off is one hour after scheduled departure time due to late arrival of the aircraft. A disappointing start.
I am sitting in aisle seat 34G in a 2-4-2 seat configured Airbus A330 aircraft. It is a few rows behind Business Class. Prior to take-off we are offered an antiseptic wet towel and headphones to use with the AV system. I ask the flight attendant to confirm my Kosher meal which I ordered but she says there are no Kosher meals on board 😳.

When the meal arrives shortly after take-off I am shocked to see it is only a cup of water and a bun! For a 6pm dinner flight! This is supposed to be a full-service airline and a 2.5 hour flight. The airline website advertises former meals with appetizing pictures. Very disappointed and I make my disappointment known to the flight attendant who apologizes and explains that the meal offerings differ on each flight. Strange, as a the flight coming over had a full breakfast meal for all passengers. She offers me another bun and water and I accept.
Thank god for the free-flow wine. It’s not too bad and I drink 2 glasses of red.
The AV system has a solid collection of entertainment, and I watch the hilarious ‘Why Him’ new release comedy. 
Besides the late departure and ‘bun for dinner’ meal, service is friendly and efficient.
Rating: 7/10

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