Flight Review: FD244 – BKK – MDL

I am sitting in seat 6C, an economy seat in a 3×3 configured AirAsia Airbus A320-200 cabin.
We are delayed about an hour for take-off, and to make it more painful we have to board a bus to get to the plane via stairs.
Once onboard, I am greeted warmly by the flight attendants who point out my *no leg-room* seat.
My ticket includes a meal which turns out to be a sandwich and a bottle of water.
Looking above at the overhead storage bins I see a wall of advertising. Actually very clever:

There is no inflight entertainment so thankfully I have my trusty iPad and decide to watch an episode of Teenwolf Season 1 I have downloaded on Netflix. BUT the damn app won’t open! It suddenly needs me to log-in which I can’t do as I am not connected. And I spent all night downloading onto my iPad. Argh!
The inflight magazine though is amazing. It reminds me of a ‘Men’s Health’ magazine with heaps of articles – seems to be 100 pages long. It keeps me occupied.

So there is nothing else to do except try to sleep.

Rating: 5/10

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