Flight Review: HX768 – BKK – HKG

I am sitting in seat 45C, an aisle seat in a 2-4-2 configured economy cabin, on this Airbus A330 Hong Kong Airlines flight.
I am wearing a suit jacket and request for it to be hung up so it doesn’t crease. This request is met with a smile and quickly taken away.
The time spent onboard prior to take-off is interesting as all of the seat back videos show advertising of the features the airline offers, for example the inflight shopping catalogue, business class (upgrades are offered for only 5000 THB on my route at the check-in counter). An antiseptic towelette, headphones, and blanket are also handed out at this time. The blanket is a blessing as it is freezing in this cabin throughout the whole flight:
I forget I ordered a Kosher meal. Another bonus as it comes out first. It is not too bad either – fried fish and rice but surprisingly with a bread roll and cake (it is Passover).

I watch ‘Moonlight’ – not sure why it won the Academy Award for Best Picture, but it was the perfect length for the 2.15 hour flight.

Unfortunately though the cabin is freezing for the duration of the flight which makes it very uncomfortable. Service though is excellent.

Rating: 6.5/10

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