Lounge Review: CIP Lounge;  Suvarnabhumi Airport, area G

This is a two-level lounge in the G-wing of the airport. My entry is due to my JCB card which gives me free access to over 20 lounges in Asia.

This morning as I enter I notice the lounge is empty, so I am able to choose a perfect seat in a perfect location at the back of the lounge.

I enjoy a small breakfast, knowing I will be eating again soon on board. Just an egg, cheese sandwich, salad, spinach puff, and a coffee. Sounds like a lot but they are all small portions.

The wifi code I am giving at the entry logs me into a strong dedicated internet session and I download a copy of the Sydney Morning Herald to read on the plane. There is also a neat little desktop area.

I spend less than an hour here before making my way to the gate.

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