Flight Review: TG 408 – SIN – BKK (Business Class)

I am sitting in Business Class seat 15D, an aisle seat, on this Thai Airways Boeing 777-200 aircraft. It is my first time flying Business Class on Thai and it is a pretty good product.

As soon as I am shown my seat, I am offered a glass of Verve Clique Champagne which I enjoy before the hot towel service begins. Dinner menus are then handed out with a smile before our main course orders are taken.
After the seatbelt sign extinguishes, a second pre-dinner drinks menu comes around and I enjoy a second glass with lightly salted roasted almonds.

For dinner I choose the Braised chicken with carrots and turnip, Tossed Healthy noodles, and stir-fried Pak Choy. It is delicious. This is paired well with a glass or two of Chateau D’Arcins, Haut-Medoc 2012, Bordeaux (red wine). I finish wih a double Macchiato.
During dinner up until the flight finishes, I watch the new Jack Reacher film (Tom Cruise) on the slightly smaller than expected video screen, with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones supplied in the seat pocket. 
Not wanting to miss out I also spend about an hour of the 2.5 hour flight in the ‘angle-lie flat’ position that the seat descends into. The warm, thick duvet and pillow make this position very comfortable.
My only qualms….the bathrooms have limited amenities – no toothbrushes or cologne, and we are not given a priority ‘fast lane’ pass to use during immigration into Bangkok.
Otherwise a great flight.
Rating: 8.75/10.

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