Lounge Review: Royal Silk Lounge, Changi T1

Nothing Royal about this lounge. Quite the opposite actually. The reviews on LoungeBuddy were quite accurate. 

I have purchased with 28,000 Royal Orchid miles a one-way Business Class ticket to Bangkok which gives me access to this lounge, just in front of my favourite Qantas Singapore Lounge.

Although I am welcomed with a warm ‘Thai’ smile, once inside the ambiance stops. There is no music, a limited buffet spread, and……shock/horror……no wine! 

I suppose this is a blessing in disguise as I decide to eat and drink nothing – instead wait until the *hopefully* delicious meal that will be served on board. Well, I do grab a Coke Zero but that’s all……

Wifi is strong, seats comfortable. But if you want a glass of wine before you board, try the SATS Premier Lounge next door.

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