Flight review: NX885 – BKK – MFM

This is my first time flying Air Macau and I have zero expectations having read a few reviews on other blogs.

I am sitting in seat 8D, an aisle seat in a 3×3 configuration, one row behind an extensive Business class on this Airbus A320 aircraft.
Despite the noise and seemingly shouting of the passengers boarding, the flight attendants are smart and professional, giving me a warm smile upon entering and even taking my jacket to hang up in a cupboard at to front.
Shortly after takeoff we are offered a hot meal choice of chicken rice or noodles – I go for the latter. It is not too bad! No alcohol on this flight though, but water is offered.
I spend most of the flight watching a movie I downloaded on Netflix onto my iPad – it helps pass the time. No audiovisual entertainment is offered.
We take-off and land on time.
Rating: 7.5/10


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