Lounge Review: Plaza Premium Macau

I have decided to use one of my 2 complimentary entry passes to PP Lounges thanks to my Singapore-based Citibank Premier Miles Visa card. No annual fee, well, at least I never pay it, so what the heck? I have 3 hours to kill so decide it is worth it.

The lounge itself is crowded, but I manage to find a seat in the restaurant and quickly help myself to a bite to eat, a drink (or 2) and strong wifi enabling me to do a bit of work before an upcoming vacation to a destination I am not aware of due to a surprise by my partner. Will there be wifi? I have no idea……

The drinks. Well, I make a beeline towards the red wine only to notice there are no wine glasses, so ask the waiter who has no idea what I am saying, and then finally gets it after some heavy duty body language on my part, and then says, “5 mins!”. So I wait and finally my wine glass arrives. I am either very thirsty or very tired and the wine seems to disappears in a matter of seconds. Oh well, a Baileys straight is next which I add to a double espresso. Not bad….

After close to a hour I am getting bored sitting here but dont want to leave yet as it would still be another hour before boarding, let alone taking off. But I think I will scour the duty free shops here. There is a white chocolate Baileys-type liquor I saw at a reasonable price at The Venetian last night – maybe they will have it here at the airport?


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