Lounge Review: CIP First Class lounge, Concourse G, BKK

Here I am again relaxing for a short while before I board Macau Air to….Macau!

Again entry is thanks to my JCB credit card giving me free lounge access to around 20 lounges in Asia – and the annual card fee is $0!

Not sure what the inflight service will be like so I stock up on brunch (at 10.30am). Salad, pastries, a mini pancake with maple syrup and ‘Milo’ ice-cream, and a coffee. I’ll be waddling on the plane…

The internet is quite weak today – taking a while for my computer to launch pages so I give up and use my trusty iPhone 6 instead.

It is very quiet in here this morning. Probably only 10% full, so I take advantage of a little peace and quiet before I board.

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