Lounge Review: SATS Premier, Changi T1

This is a lovely well equipped lounge for Business Class passengers or special credit card holders next to the BA and Qantas lounges at T1. 

We walk in to a delightful smell of morning breakfast delights – a mix of both Western and Asian cuisine.

There are 3 full-body Osim massage chairs which have pre-programmed cycles so decide to try the ‘Heavenly King’ 15 min cycle which wakes me up at this early hour of the morning. Strong wifi allows me to surf whilst my muscles get pressed and soothed -a bit of ‘my time’ before the flight.

After the massage I dig into a breakfast plate and enjoy a good quality cup of espresso coffee before boarding my flight to Japan.

Although my favorite lounge at Changi is still the Qantas Singapore Lounge, it doesn’t open until 2 or 3 pm – many hours away.

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