Flight review: JL712 – SIN – TKO

It is difficult to flaw Japanese service in general and the service on this Boeing 767-300 JAL flight is no exception.

As a Oneworld Emerald member, I am able to book Emergency Exit seats with no charge which is a great benefit as this is a rather longer than usual 7-hour flight. Luckily there is literally 2.5 meters in front of me, so legs are stretched!
Soon after take-off the seatbelt sign switches off and a cold wet paper towel and pre-meal drink service begins. I choose a room temperature Sake from the limited drinks menu which comes with a small packet of nuts and rice crackers. 

But it is the meal that is a standout. Wow – blown away…it is absolutely delicious: hot miso soup, soba noodles with sauce, a Japanese appetizer, the most delicious butter chicken I have eaten on an airplane, fresh fruit cup, and a small tub of vanilla Hagen Daaz ice cream. All washed down with a small bottle of Italian red (or was it French? Can’t quite remember…).
I check out the toilet mid-flight and note the amenities are nothing compared to Singapore Airlines, but I guess the food and service on JAL balances this small issue out 😳.
For the remainder of the flight I take turns watching movies from the limited catalogue and sleep. A small orange Chiffon cake snack and a coffee is handed out towards the end of the flight.

Rating: 8.5/10

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