Flight review: SQ943 – DPS – SIN

With our Award Saver Business class tickets we are the first to board and warmly ushered to our row 12 A and C seats. The flight attendant immediately wishes my partner a ‘Happy Birthday’ (I pre-ordered a complimentary birthday cake) and we both accept a glass of champagne prior to take-off.

The flight itself is not dissimilar to the one coming over; the biggest difference is a set menu (no ‘book the cook’ on this return flight) and the inclusion of the birthday cake.
I finish watching ‘Insurgent’ – on the previous flight I fell asleep halfway through – and think of taking a nap for the remainder of the flight in my angle-lie flat seat on this A330-300 plane, but I get hooked on another movie, ‘Woman in Gold’, which, incidentally, is a ‘must watch’. 


 Dinner arrives shortly after take-off and I choose the ‘Lapis Manado’ – Manado fried seasoned beef, stif fried eggplants and asparagus, fragrant rice. Delicious washed down with a warm Japanese sake.

 The birthday cake arrives for my partner’s 40th – a sweet touch with 2 glasses of Champagne, but I am truly full and only manage a spoonful (or two).

A lovely flight!

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