Restaurant Review – Warung Dedi

I think this is my first restaurant review…

Warung Dedi is located just across the road from Conrad Bali – and you will miss it unless you look really carefully – it is next to ‘Queens of India’.

It is a typical street vendor type family owned dingy restaurant but having come here for dinner 4 or 5 times I can not recommend it more.

The grilled Chicken Ayam is to die for and the Nasi Goreng better than any restaurant. The fish ball soup is flavorsome with a strong lemongrass accent. So tangy and spicy – delicious!

   And the best part – about $6 will feed 3 pax – and you will be full. No alcohol served, but you are encourage to purchase from the Circle K 50 meters away. The restaurant will provide comp glasses.

Zero atmosphere (well, road traffic noise and a blaring TV with Indian dramas) but the friendliest service and #1 best taste in Bali!

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