The Qantas Singapore Lounge, Changi T1

I do like this lounge.

I really do.

From entry to exit it really is quite a stunning experience.

Although I forget my Gold QFF card at home, all I need to do is tell the attendant at the entrance its’ colour (Gold), and I am ushered into a place I like.

As I walk up to the bar to order my favourite Espresso Martini, the bar tender who I have met on several occasions here acknowledges me with a, ‘Welcome back, Sir!’ And a beaming smile to match. Nice.

Tonight the lounge is very crowded and it is because it is a Friday night, I am told by the Duty manager who also welcomes me back and engages in a short chat. I don’t understand how they recognise me as they must meet thousands of people each week. The staff here are lovely. Again, nice.

The food is fabulous tonight. Especially the goulash (or is it stroganoff?) – tender and so flavorsome. Compliments to the chef. I go back for seconds 🙂 The selection of desserts are tempting indeed but I stop at two – the creme brûlée and deconstructed cake dish in a glass. Hard to explain; very fancy, and delicious. Nice.

Look forward to coming back again soon!




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