Flight Review: Jetstar Asia 3K679 – SIN – PEN

Very quick flight under an hour from Changi to Penang on this Aurbus A320 3×3 seating configuration.

At check-in I tell the guy it’s my birthday and “…can you put me in the front row?”. 20 seconds later I receive seat 1C and partner gets 1B – handed to us with a “Happy Birthday” and a smile.

Yay me 🙂

Flight itself being so short is pleasant. We purchased a Jetstar ‘Plus’ fare which gives you QFF points, status credits, and a meal. Although it is a tuna mayo sandwich, and besides the fact that I am not hungry having gorged myself in the Qantas Singapore Lounge, I still enjoy it with the mini Kit Kat and bottled water we receive.

We arrive ahead of schedule.

Rating: 8/10






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