Flight Review: SQ827 – PVG – SIN

Fairly uneventful flight – slight 20 min delay due to fog at Shanghai Pudong. Slight disappointment that I cannot enter any lounges despite my Platinum VA status and links with SQ. Nonetheless I am content on board with seat 31G – Bulkhead aisle and first row behind Business and an empty seat next to me.

My seafood meal is awful so I leave it – rubbery egg omelette and other stuff not worth mentioning, so I decide to sleep when an announcement is made stating the AV system needs to be rebooted and will take at least 20 mins.

I manage to sleep fairly well for a couple of hours and listen to J-pop (1990s) which brings back heaps of memories having lived in Japan for 10 years previously.

Staff are friendly, my coffee and Baileys on the side I order towards the end of the flight is nice.

We manage to arrive on time at 2pm.

Rating: 6.5/10 (the meal was a let down).


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