Hotel Review: Hilton Hotel Sydney

I want to write a great review about this hotel as I am a ‘raving fan’ of Hilton but I also need to be honest. Unfortunately this stay didn’t live up to previous ones.

The good:

* Upgraded to one of the 3 King Junior Suites on the 33rd floor. Room is spacious, airy, and has great views.

* No problem bringing additional guests into the Lounge for evening canapés or breakfast at Glass brasserie.

* Service is generally friendly throughout the hotel.

* Breakfast and dinner at Glass Brasserie is excellent

The bad:

* Upon checking in to our room we notice the mini-bar is half empty. An open can of Diet Coke greets us on the too shelf. Not a massive issue and after calling reception a minibar attendant refreshes the minibar and apologizes.
The next day we receive a minibar bill for the items missing upon our check-in…

* We are incorrectly charged $145 for 5 days of Internet although it is complimentary for Diamond members.

* Upon check-in we are asked if we would like a complimentary newspaper delivered to our room. We say ‘yes’. Yet each morning I check for the paper and it is not there. I need to call for one 5 mornings in a row

* I ask for an express checkout envelope to bit slipped under the door at 6.30am. At 6.30am we receive a phone call telling us that the express checkout envelope has been slipped under the door (waking up partner)…

I am a bit spoilt living in Asia and the service, facilities, and amenities of Hilton hotels over there generally is far superior than here. More staff attending to guests, little touches like starched white table-clothes in the lounge for breakfast and evening canapés, letters from the hotel manager welcoming you to their hotel, complimentary fruit baskets etc. I guess when you are used to this kind of service you expect it everywhere – same brand after all yet no consistency.

But…I am a firm believer of feedback – good and bad, so I always make it a point to share my feedback with the hotel. After all, the worst kind of guest is the one who doesn’t give feedback 🙂






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