Qantas Club Lounge, Adelaide domestic

My request to change seats to an Emergency Exit row is swiftly accepted with a smile by the lady on the reception desk. 13C – same as yesterday. Pleasing start. I find a quiet place to set up my iPad for charging and again see the complimentary charge ports where I can attach my iPhone. The selection of hot food today has a Mexican flavour – literally – ‘Do-it-yourself’ Nachos – Corn Chips and Chilli Con Carne. Surprisingly delicious. I also fill a plate with salads and dive into the ‘Asian Inspired’ Beef consommé.

There are probably 30 Apple Macs spread throughout the lounge and I log on to to find evidence of a recent booking at the Le Meridian in New Caledonia where I am holidaying next year which stated buffet breakfast as part of the room rate – yet upon my confirmation of this I received an email from the Reservations Manager stating complimentary buffet breakfast was not available with a ‘cash & points’ booking. False advertising from Starwood? I hope not… An assertive email with the booking attached (evidence) will rectify this I’m sure. Fingers crossed 🙂

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