Flight Review: QF756 – ADL – SYD

On-time departure at 14:50pm and in the air within 5 minutes of leaving gate 21.

My seat is again 13C – an Emergency Exit row seat, giving passengers increased leg room, and after take-off, seat recline is allowed. The beauty of being QFF Gold is that there are no passengers in the middle seats of these 2 highly desirable exit rows (rows 13 & 14) whereas the rest of the plane is about 90% full in a 3 x 3 configuration.

This Boeing 737-800 aircraft does not have individual entertainment screens so there is not much to do to entertain oneself. Every 6 rows or so there is an automatic fold down tiny video screen that is currently showing a National Nine News broadcast and other selected offerings.

Afternoon tea offerings are tea/coffee and a choice of muesli bar or scones, both of which I decline and choose 2 apples instead šŸ™‚

Score: 6.5/10


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