Flight Review: QF741 – SYD -ADL

Seat 13C is an Emergency Exit row seat giving passengers (or ‘customers’ as QANTAS more formally calls us) increased leg room, and surprisingly, after take-off, seat recline is allowed (unlike on my previous SYD-AKL international short haul leg). The beauty of being a premium Gold QFF ‘customer’ is that there are no passengers in the middle seats of these 2 highly desirable exit rows, whereas the rest of the plane is full in a 3 x 3 configuration.

This Boeing 737-800 aircraft does not have individual entertainment screens so I am glad I remembered my trusty iPad filled with shows I have missed over the past few days away from home. Every 6 rows or so there is an automatic fold down tiny video screen that is currently showing a National Nine News broadcast.

Being Nov 1st, there is a new emergency video being played I guess across all QF flights starring Michael Clarke (I think he is the Australian Cricket team captain) as all the passengers in the video are in full cricket attire. I wish Virgin Airlines changed their menu items as often as Qantas changes their emergency videos 🙂

The cabin is quite cold so I am wearing my light puffy vest that I always take with me regardless of the temperature on the ground.

Meals: Nothing spectacular….I had an apple and a coffee.

Rating: 6.5/10

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