Hostel Review: With Inn, Kaohsiung

This is my first time to stay in a dorm-room style hostel in maybe 30 years 🤪. My friend has booked this hostel so I decide to stay as well. And it is very cheap – about USD 15 for the night.

The room has 1 double and 1 triple bunk bed, accommodating a total of 5 same-sex genders in the room. I am at the bottom of the double. The mattress is very comfortable and the quilt cover warm. The room is a bit cold but I am very tired and manage to sleep quite well, despite being woken up a few times during the night due to snoring.

Dorm room

Breakfast and towels are chargeable. I don’t have breakfast but hire a towel at about USD 0.50 for a small one. I shower in the shared bathroom in the morning and soap and shampoo is provided.

Everything is really clean and the staff and super friendly. Would I stay again though? Not sure, I really prefer the privacy of my own room 🤪

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