Flight Review: BR 256 – DPS – TPE

I am sitting in seat 29K, a window seat, on this Eva Airline Airbus A330-300 flight from Denpasar Bali bound for Taipei, Taiwan 🇹🇼.

The seat configuration is a 2-4-2 set-up which is good as it’s just me and my partner on this nearly full flight. The product is dated compared with other Star Alliance players such as SQ and CX in that the Video monitor is old and small and the seat seems smaller than other airlines

Shortly after take off, mixed nuts and drinks are served, followed by dinner which is a choice of fish or chicken with rice. I choose the latter which comes with a roll, chicken salad, the hot meal, fruit, and a cake. As I’m not drinking alcohol at the moment, I have a ginger ale.

The movie selection has been updated and I watch Black Adam and Ticket to Paradise which is timely as I am returning from Bali.

For the remaining hour or so of the five hour flight, I manage to get some rest.

We land slightly later than expected arrival.

Rating: 7/10

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