Flight Review: VA932 – BNE – SYD

I am sitting in middle seat 😳 15B on this Virgin Australia 737-800 aircraft bound for Sydney from Brisbane.

It’s only a short flight, a little over an hour, so the crappy seat purchased on my Lite fare is fine.

The flight attendants are Virgin-fun, and try their best to make the flight more bearable.

Complimentary tea and coffee (and water) is served, and food can be purchased for an additional charge.

What is great about the flight is the free onboard entertainment that is accessible via your Smart device. I have my iPad, but forget my Arbus’s in another bag, so read a book as part of the selection available, Cobalt Blue by Matthew Riley (one of my favorite authors).

Sydney is experiencing strong winds and all flights landing are delayed. International arrivals have priority due to low fuel reserves so we circle the sky for an hour until we land about an hour over schedule.

Rating: 6.5/10

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