Lounge Review: Turkish Airlines Business Class Lounge, IST

To get to this lounge from the plane (as a transfer) is a nightmare – it probably takes a good 20 minutes walk plus queuing for security. Once here, it is huge – I actually think I am at the Star Alliance Gold Lounge but not 100% sure which one it is.

First thing first and I want to take a shower but there is a 1-hour wait, so I hand in my boarding pass and…. wait. In the meantime, I try to access Internet, but that can only be done via the very few kiosks that require you to scan your boarding pass, so back to the shower concierge to get my boarding pass, then to the kiosk, print my Internet username and password, and back to hand over my boarding pass again to the shower concierge. Oh, what an ordeal!

I find a spot in the crowded lounge to plonk my stuff, and then walk around the various buffets for a bite to eat. It’s mostly breads and salads and cheese.

I can now relax for a while until the buzzer beeps for my shower, and then on to the next flight to Tel Aviv.

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