Flight Review: B7-8725 – TPE – TTT

I am sitting in window seat 9A on this Uni Air (a subsidiary of Taiwan’s Eva Air) ATR73 aircraft bound for Taidong. This is a designated ‘animated’ flight featuring ‘Bad Badtz-Maru’ – a Japanese Anime character.

The seat is narrow and hard, and I am sitting right on the propeller, making it even noiser inside.

The flight is only 50 mins, with a lot of turbulence, and about 15 minutes before landing drinks are briskly served through the cabin. I request a coffee and have it with a chocolate cake I purchased at Songshan Domestic airport prior to boarding.

I am not a fan of ATR planes, and luckily this is a quick trip. As it is the rainy season, the view is clouded and there is not much to see.

Rating: 5.5/10

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