Hotel Review: Danggui Guest House, Alishan Mtns, Taiwan

Stunning guest house with 8 rooms on a mountain top setting in the Southern Alishan Mountain range, in Taiwan.

Getting here is scary, tight, narrow windy roads close to the edge of a sheer cliff, but compensated by beautiful scenary all the way.

Our double room is huge, with traditional Taiwanese table-setting, alcove for yoga or meditation, and pebble bathroom with views of the mountains.

Stunning views

Famous Alishan tea is served all day, and we opt for the Shabu shabu hot pot dinner as it is too dangerous to venture out in the dark on the unlit mountain roads.

The owner is quite a character and apparently owns 10 bread shops in Kaoshang, Southern Taiwan. After dinner he encourages us to sing Karaoke but we decline, preferring to hear other guests croon their tunes.

Breakfast the next morning consists of the owner’s home made bread and condiments.

A fabulous overnight stay!

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