Flight Review: SQ 878 – SIN – TPE (Business Class)

I am sitting in seat 11F (a 1-2-1 configuration) in this rather empty regional business class cabin bound for Taipei, Taiwan. I think, by count, there are only 5 passengers in total in this cabin. I am pretty sure the seats are new – they are immaculate, and smell fresh. There are lots of ‘hidden’ nooks and crannies for storage, and each comes with a personal ‘Covid-19’ safety pack. The colour scheme is quite soothing, beige, browns, and orange.

A very empty cabin….
Seat 11D, converts into a fully-flat bed at the touch of a button!
The Covid-19 care kit which I don’t use.

Upon sitting in my seat, the Head Purser greets me by name, introduces himself, and explains the seat functionality and amenities. And then the most important question, “May I offer you a glass of Champagne?”. Without hesitation both my partner (flying with me in the adjacent seat) and I answer, “Yes, please”.

I have pre-ordered my lunch using SQ’s ‘Book the Cook’ service. My Peranakan Stewed duck dish is absolutely delicious. It comes with a chicken & avocado entrée, garlic bread, fruit salad, and the most exquisite chocolate torte. A glass of 2015 French Bordeaux complements this nicely.

The entrée consists of poached chicken and avocado puree with garlic bread and a roll with butter.
The Peranakan Duck and Chap Chey is phenomenal!

I decide to watch a couple of episodes of Modern Family (Season 11), but after a glass of Baileys and a coffee with my dessert, I become instantly sleepy, and fall into a deep sleep in fully-flat bed mode for about 2 hours.

I started to watch a movie – forget the title, but drifted off shortly after it began.
Even my double espresso with a side of steamed milk couldn’t keep me awake.

We arrive on schedule, refreshed, stomach filled, and ready for our 2 weeks of quarantine! A great way to get back up in the skies!

Rating: 9.5/10

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