Hotel Review: Imperial Hotel, Taipei

Taiwan allows travellers to it’s country a choice of government-approved hotels for their 15-day quarantine. I choose this hotel in Taipei as it offers a one-bedroom Suite, with balcony, and most importantly, is available for the duration of my stay.

Due to the Covid crisis, I am whisked I to the back entrance of the hotel, where my bags and I are sprayed with disinfectant, and told to use the elevator directly to the 5th floor where my room is waiting for me with door wode open. Once inside, I am told to close it and not leave the room for the next 15 days 😳.

Upon first look I get a sudden rush of anxiety – it seems much smaller than in the pictures. How am I going to last 5 days, let alone 2 weeks? But then the adrenaline kicks in and suddenly I am rearranging the furniture, putting large lamp shades and side tables on one of the 2 balconies, and phew, I now have space.


It’s actually not too shabby. A good sized living area perfect for exercise, a work desk, 2 TVs, king-sized bed, and bathroom with bathtub and separate shower.

King Bedroom
Generous bathroom with Washlet!

The room comes with 3 meals per day, and apparently as I have a Suite, I can avail of the VIP meal menu – with everything from Roast Chicken, to Hamburgers, and Taiwanese delicacies. So I alternate for VIP meals and standard meals every few days or so.

VIP menu

The staff check-in on me each day via Line messenger to make sure I am alive, and any change of towels etc is seemless – I simply pop used into a plastic bag, and it is replaced with a knock on the door a few hours later.

Because I am in quarantine I am unable to use any of the amenities or facilities available (gym, spa, restaurants etc) but all in all it is a better than expected stay and 2 weeks flies by in a second.

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