Flight Review: SQ879 – TPE – SIN

I am originally assigned a middle seat 50E (after confirming an aisle seat at check-in) and then request to be moved once boarded to my current seat, 56D, an aisle seat, on this Singapore Airlines Boeing B787-10 dreamliner bound back home to Singapore.

The plane is identical to the one coming over, except that the entertainment options have changed for February – and I can finally watch ‘Judy’ 😊.

I have pre-ordered a Non-Vegetarian Hindu Meal as the standard meal coming over was awful. This meal though, is excellent. Lamb Saag (with spinach) and kidney bean curry with rice and a chapati, yogurt, a chicken and chickpea salad, and a pineapple dessert. I enjoy this with a glass of red wine.

Hindu non-veg!

Other than that the flight is fairly non-eventful and we land on time.

Rating: 8/10 (actually my seat is a bit uncomfortable after 4 hours).

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