Lounge Review: SATS Premier Lounge, Changi T2

I only arrived in Singapore 8 hours ago and I’m back at the airport, this time at T2. I have 2 more stops before reaching Vancouver in about 24 hours…

My Priority Pass gives me access to this lounge and I guess because it is a weird time between breakfast and lunch, there is not too much in terms of the food offerings, so decide on a bowl of low-fat Granola and an Espresso (I later try the chicken Korma and a glass of white when lunch finally is served).


I watch two episodes of a new non-Korean (😳) drama I have started watching, ‘Stranger Things’. It’s pretty good.

The lounge overall is OK – it’s a bit cold, and sadly the 2 massage chairs are out of order – they are usually the drawcard for me so it’s mildly disappointing. But I can’t be bothered moving to another lounge.

Out of order…

After a couple or hours or so I make my way to the boarding gate.

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