Lounge Review: Ambassador Transit Lounge, T2, Changi

This is a nice lounge in terms of comfort and seating, but the food selection is pretty poor. Maybe 2 or 3 hot dishes, a salad bar, and a clugy mushroom soup. They do have Portuguese Egg tarts which are OK.

A quick bite.

Priority Pass members receive 2 drink vouchers; a take a sip. of the red wine I order and don’t finish it – it’s awful. I give my other voucher to a random stranger in the lounge.

Not sure how strong the WiFi is as I use my cellular data, but other than that, there doesn’t seem to be any reading paraphernalia anywhere.

The one positive point is that there is a beautiful view of the Sunflower garden – one of the many attractions at Changi.

Sunflower Garden

I make an early move to the boarding gate.

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