Flight Review: PR509 – MNL – SIN

Wow the traffic in Manila can be gruesome – what should be a 20 ride took close to 2 hours and I arrive at the airport very late! Luckily I have done an online check-in so breeze through to the gate, only to find no one there – all have boarded except me. But its not too late, I make it on board in time.

Back on the Philippine Airlines Airbus A321, I am sitting in seat 32D, an aisle seat closer to the front this time in an oddly configured row; 3 seats on the left, and 2 where I am on the right. Still minimal legroom and no AV screens, but again, my iPad is full.

Blurry Trolly Dolly

But then I hear the announcement of the streaming entertainment system and decide to give it a go by quickly downloading the app before we take-off. I manage to watch ‘Interview With God’ which I highly recommend, and half of ‘Deadpool 2 (PG13 version) and fall asleep.

Before this though the meal service comes. around and I choose the beef with noodles which is very bland, and a couple of glasses of red.

Bland Beef and Pasta

The flight otherwise is pretty uncomfortable with the lack of leg space. I’m also irritated that on a 3+ hour flight they don’t come around with water, leaving me slightly dehydrated and with a mild headache.

Rating: 6.5/10

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