TR12 – SIN – SYD

I am trapped in middle aisle seat 44F on this Scoot Airlines 787 Dreamliner, at the very back of the plane, bound for Sydney.

It certainly is not a dream. More of a nightmare.

Yes, I understand that Scoot is a LCC and any additional things you want need to be purchased. I have brought on board a blanket (from El Al), my neck pillow, a bottle full of water, and some sandwiches and snacks from the lounge this morning to keep me comfortable and warm on this 7+ hour flight.

But it is a full flight and, having no loyalty with Scoot*, I am as far back as you can get, right next to the flushing toilets, underneath the cabin crew’s overhead locker which they constantly open, passengers bumping into my seat on their way to the toilet, and the rank smell of bare feet and body odour all around me. Absolutely gross.

Whilst the flight attendants seem friendly enough, as I didn’t purchase anything from them, I have basically no interaction with them. The cabin though, is colourful with mood lighting and the functionless seats actually have better legroom than SQ.

My 7+ hours is spent watching 4 episodes of a new Korean drama I have downloaded onto my iPad, and a 30 min snooze.

Reminds me why I dislike flying most LCCs. Unfortunately being out of work at the moment, it was a cheap one-way fare of SG 290.

* (why I have no loyalty with Scoot, despite their boasting of accumulating SQ Krisflyer points).

Rating: 5/10

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