Lounge Review: SATS Premier Lounge, Changi T2

I am flying Scoot later this morning and hence no airline lounge entrance available so make my way to this lounge using my Priority Pass.

It is quite big, slightly crowded, with an ‘OK’ selection of food and beverages.

I find a seat in a stall-like bench for one, with a Galaxy View pad that doesn’t work. After I put my things down I make my way over to the buffet for some breakfast.

The selection is not too bad, and I help myself to a plate of hot and cold items, and a double espresso with a splash of hot milk.

I have quite a bit of time to kill, so watch the final episode of a Chinese drama/comedy I have been binging over the past few days with the strong WiFi the lounge provides.

After about an hour I make my way to the boarding gate.

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