Lounge Review: Blossom Lounge, Changi T4

This is my first time in this lounge, a Joint Venture between SATS and Plaza Premium. I enter with my Priority Pass (which comes for free with the annual fee on my Thai-based Citibank Prestige card. The perks are insane). My friend (Ashley 😜) enters with a voucher she received with her annual membership from her Amex Krisflyer card.

It’s a really warm space, neutral browns and beiges feature in the interiors, furniture, and floor.

The food offerings are reasonably good, from made-to-order Singapore Laksa and noodles, to high quality buffet dishes including roast chicken, fish, salads, and a delicious cake selection.

The lounge has good wifi, a relaxation space, and showers.

At the time I am here, midday, it is quite empty, adding to the exclusivity of the lounge.

A nice place to relax before my flight.

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