Flight Review: AK1722 – SIN – PEN

I am sitting in seat 21D on this Air Asia Airbus A320-200 aircraft bound for Penang.

Check-in is seamless thanks to Changi T4s fully automated system.

It is a very short flight, just over an hour, and soon after taking off, we start to make our descent.

The crew are very friendly. As a no-frills airline I am surprised to see there are a few additional ‘frills’ available. For a start the inflight menu is extremely affordable – 1/2 the price of my recent flight on EasyJet. And the seats recline. Further, there is free WiFi on board with a reasonable selection of programs to watch, music to listen to, and reading material to…. yep, read!

Best of all, we take-off and land prior to schedule, allowing us to arrive 20 mins early. Awesome!

I am actually impressed.

Rating: 8.5/10

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