Lounge Review: Turkish Airlines Lounge, BKK

I have been wanting to test drive this lounge since it opened a few weeks ago and finally I have the chance, entering today with my Priority Pass card.

The lounge is squeaky-clean and quite empty at 11.30am when I arrive. The colours are light wooden pastal tones, with plenty of lighting.

The food offerings ar slim, there is a chef making Pide – I choose a lamb and cheese slice. Other than that there is a very small buffet, small drink selection, and a bar. Not sure if it is help yourself but there is no one serving.

Internet is dedicated and strong, and I use it for some last minute email checks before my 12 hour flight to Amsterdam.

The bathrooms are clean, with a single shower.

Other than that pretty unremarkable. My favourite is still the Oman Lounge at this airport.

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