Flight Review: BR075 – BKK – AMS (Premium Economy)

I am sitting in Premium Economy aisle seat 21D, on this Eva Air B777-300ER aircraft bound for Amsterdam.

I am the last to board, having miscalculated the timings due to original delayed departure vs. new earlier time.

As I sit down in my assigned seat, I am lucky to see the seat next to me is empty, giving me some additional comfort. Amenity kits, slippers, hot towels, and menus are handed out.

My seat is spacious, slightly larger than standard economy, with a generous recline allowing me to sleep on and off during the 12 hour flight.

The entertainment system is not as extensive as other carriers, and I find myself watching 4 episodes of a Korean drama I have downloaded onto my iPad.

Two meals are served during the flight. The first is an appetiser of Beef Wellington and mixed salad, followed by Braised chicken thigh with Champignon Mushroom Mustard sauce and potato gratin, and finished with fruit and ice cream. The second meal a few hours later is a chicken pastrami salad, Fried rice with Prawn and vegetables, and yogurt, pastry, and fruit. Both meals are very good.

There are only 2 bathrooms in the Premium Economy cabin, and they are well stocked with amenities such as aromatherapy facila mist and hand cream.

12 hours is a long flight in any class. It is tiring but the Eva Air flight attendants make it as smooth as possible.

We land on time.

Rating: 8.5/10

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