Lounge Review: Krisflyer Gold Lounge, T2, Changi

Back here after a month or so and nothing much has changed although the food selection isn’t too bad today. And it’s a little more quiet than usual.

I enter thanks to my partner who is a Krisflyer Gold member and can take 1 additional guest.

The buffet is serving Singapore rice noodles, a chicken curry, veges, and rice. I also try the cream of vegetable soup. It’s all quite nice. Maybe because I am famished.

A half glass of white wine, a couple of cakes, and a double espresso from the machine finishes off my meal nicely.

WiFi is strong – I think….. (or it could be my local cellular data).

Zero music – the only noise being the staff refreshing the food and the hum of people in the distance.

After about an hour we make our way to the gate.

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