Flight Review: SQ 978 – SIN – BKK

I am sitting towards the latter half of the plane in window seat 51A, on this brand new Singapore Airlines B787-10 aircraft bound for Bangkok.

As soon as I enter the cabin I notice the fresh interior and modern sleek designed economy seats. In fact I ask the flight attendant if this is a new plane and she replies that it is indeed a new product.

My seat is quite comfortable with a gentle recline, and all the gadgets you can think of. The light switch and attendant call buttons are on the back of the seat in front and the AV screen is fully automated this eliminating the need for a joystick.

I was ‘Vice’ for the duration of this 2.5 hour flight, whilst enjoying my meal – chicken in orange sauce with mashed potato and vegetables. I have this with a signature Singapore Sling, and finish with an ice cream that is brought around after the meal.

The only dissapointment is we takeoff over an hour after scheduled departure time, but arrive only 35 minutes late.

Rating: 7.5/10

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