Hotel Review: The Yorkshire Hotel, Patong, Thailand

I have booked this hotel on Agoda as it is the cheapest I could find with swimming pool and gym for my 4 night sojourn to the Pattaya-like ‘resort’ in Phuket.

The area is pretty miserable; gog go bars, clubs, noise, massage parlours – basically a red light district by the beach.

In summary, a bad choice.

Nonetheless I make the most of it by reading, catching up on Netflix, lying by the pool, and avoiding going out as much as possible.

My room is initially a tiny windowless box on the second floor of the annex building, but on the second day I ask to be moved and am given a larger room with a window overlooking the action below. Not much to describe, a large bed (2 doubles put together), desk, small TV, shower, minibar fridge, and strong WiFi which is a highlight of the hotel.

The days pass slowly and then checkout. Not the most pleasant experience. One of the staff (long hair) seems to be in a bad mood, is curt with her answers, and states a number of times she is busy.

Although the hotel is fine for the price, and overall staff and food are friendly, I would not recommend staying in Patong.

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