Flight Review: TG 203 – BKK – HKT (Business Class)

I am sitting in the upper deck in the first row, seat 11B, an aisle seat, on this Boeing 747-400 Thai Airways flight bound for Phuket.

The seat is spacious, slightly old school, yet comfortable for this short 1.5 hour flight from Bangkok.

Upon sitting down I am offered a choice of non-alcoholic drink and choose an iced tea. This is followed by a hot towel service.

These 747s still used by Thai are so old, there are almost too funny. When the emergency video is put on, the flight attendant forgets to pull down the projector screen so the video is projected on the toilets and cockpit door….halfway through she realises and rushes over to rectify the oversight.

Shortly after take-off the quick meal service begins and it is a no choice fish and mushroom congee, with Chinese donut and fruit jelly. It is quite nice.

For the remainder of the flight I sleep in an almost fully-flat position and catch up on some much needed rest.

Rating: 8/10

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