Flight Review: EK419 – SYD – BKK

I am sitting in seat 68K on this Airbus A380 Emirates flight bound for Bangkok.

At first I think it is going to be a hellish 9.5 hour flight in Economy but as it turns out it’s not too bad. My seat has no seat in front of it, allowing me to stretch out for the entire flight. As there is no seat in front, the AV screen is a foldaway-type, unlike all the other screens att he back of the seats. This is a premium paid seat at around AUD 100 but well worth the cost.

The service and amenities are above average. Shortly after take-off the menus are passed around, as are amenity kits. I am impressed with the selection and choose the chicken which is delicious, and comes with a salmon appetiser, lemon crumble dessert, cheese and crackers, and a bread roll. I enjoy this with a glass of white.

Whilst eating my meal I watch a Japanese movie, ‘Kids on the Slope’ (I think that is the title) before reclining my seat as far as it goes and sleep on and off for a few hours.

Just before landing there is an emergency with one of the passengers moaning in pain, apparently with strong pressure to his eyes. The crew are incredibly professional and do their best to assist the passenger, although I am not sure what the outcome is.

A pretty good flight considering the length, and we leave and arrive on time.

Rating: 8/10

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