Flight Review: TG975 – DME – BKK (Business Class)

I am sitting in Business Class seat 14E, on this Thai Airways Boeing 777-200ER flight bound for Bangkok. The cabin is again the older style, in a 2-2-2 configuration.

Although I used Avianca Lifemiles to purchase the 1st BKK – DME leg, this one was purchased online for half the price it would have cost if purchased the other way round.

The seat is ‘angle-lie flat’ meaning for the few hours of sleep I get on this 8.5 hour flight, it is quite uncomfortable (but obviously much better than in Economy).

Being a medium-haul night flight there are 2 meal services. I enjoy my dinner and choose the beef as my main. It is a little hard so cutting it into pieces with tiny cutlery is a challenge. No alcohol for me on this flight; I opt for green and camomile teas instead. Also to maximise my sleep I decline breakfast service in the morning.

The cabin is freezing for the duration of the flight – I have no idea why and although I ask for the temperature to be adjusted, I am given a blanket from Economy.

Rating: 6.5/10

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