Lounge Review: Mingalar Sky CIP Lounge, TI, Yangon International Airport

Today marks my 3rd time to visit this lounge. And it is just as welcoming as the first time a few months ago. My Priority Pass gives me instant access and on my way to a table to enjoy a light buffet, I order a Vodka Martini at the bar. That is my first of two.

Once seated, I put my bags down, whip out my computer and log-into the strong wifi to do a bit of email catch-up.

Shortly after I stroll over to the extensive buffet and take a few small bits and pieces – sushi, a samosa, spring roll, grilled beef, bok choy and mushrooms, chilli fish, chicken satay…..ok, maybe quite a bit but one bit of each – as I only had lunch a couple of hours earlier (and I think I have a meal on the plane).

The service here is ‘real Burmese Hospitality’ – smiles, discreet clearing of plates, just nice and gentle. And the atmosphere is very pleasant – large, bright and airy.

I highly recommend this lounge if you have a PP card when at YIA.

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