Flight Review: FD257 – DMK – RGN

Wow – this is what no airline status is all about – row 19, aisle seat C on this narrow, no-room-for-legs Air Asia Airbus A320-200 flight to Yangon. Thank god it is only just over an hour.

I swear after the return trip I vow to never fly this airline again if I don’t have to. For some ridiculous reason I was not allowed to transfer from my previous flight (same airline) so had to go through immigration and back again. Insane. The Air Asia staff member said my ticket class did not allow for it. Huh????

Of course the plane is not at a gate so we all have to squash into a bus to take us to the plane.

Onboard the ‘no-space-for-legs’ cabin, I have pre-ordered a vegetarian meal. I’m not hungry as I just ate (and drank) in the Coral Lounge at the airport. Anyway, it is OK.

Thanks for it’s a short flight and all I do is watch a new Korean drama from my iPad and read a bit from a yoga book.

We land at a gate on time.

Rating: 5.5/10

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