Flight Review: ZH9004 – BKK – SZX

I think this is now the 3rd time I have flown this airline on this route and it is just as good the 3rd time as the first.

I am sitting in the first row of Economy in seat 3A, a bulkhead seat in this 3×3 cabin configuration. Not the best legroom but it is a bulkhead after all and first row of Economy. Although there is no built-in AV screen on this Shenzhen Airlines Airbus 320, I have my iPad so all is not lost!

Shortly after take-off the seatbelt lights turn off and a drink service begins. I have a glass of red wine whilst watching a new Korean drama set in the 1970s.

Whilst Bruno Mars is playing quietly over the speakers, the meal service comes and we are given a choice of chicken rice or fried noodles. I go for the noodles which comes with a salad and fruit. It’s really good. I have this with another glass of red. About 10 minutes later the attendant comes with a basket of leftover meals and asks if we would like seconds (this is a first for me) but I am full and decline.

The rest of the flight is hassle-free; I request a coffee and an immigration card and both are presented with a smile.

We land ahead of schedule. All seems well….

BUT – disappointingly and surprisingly the plane stops at an off-terminal spot and we wait 20 mins onboard before we take a bus to the terminal.

Rating: 7/10

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