Lounge Review: Joyee VIP Lounge, Shenzhen International Airport

Second time here as it is the only Priority Pass lounge available at this airport. It couples as a SkyTeam lounge whilst a new Priority Pass Lounge is being renovated.

This is really below par for a PP lounge. All the food is pre-packaged high carb chips, nuts, and then a section for steamed corn and purple sweet potato !?

There are just 3 dishes that can be ordered. I choose a noodle soup. It’s OK, a bit bland actually.

The interior decor is out of the 1970s. Zero ambiance except 3 computer pods. The ongoing boarding announcements are irritating.

I don’t bother with the internet – I’m sure it is patchy at best.

After about 40 mins I leave to board my flight.

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